Style Development and Image Consulting
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Men’s Style Development and Image Consulting

Image ConsultantWhether you’re goal is to impress the ladies, your spouse, you’re girlfriend, or look more professional at work, would you rather work with the style consultants and image consultants at Rachel Goodman Style or some old guy in the men’s section at a department store? Rachel Goodman Style takes into account your lifestyle, personality and profession to help you discover your personal style. Rachel’s revolutionary three element method refines your personal image and has people asking how you did it. Our job isn’t to push the latest fashion or her style on you, it’s about you and your comfort level.

We’ll make educated decisions based on our eye for staying power and style longevity. Our style consultant will show you fashion tips and tricks on how to put your wardrobe together so getting ready to go out or go to work is more of a treat than a chore. Your investment in Rachel Goodman Style wardrobe and image consulting saves money by ensuring that each choice is right for you. We help you find men’s fashions that are relevant yet stand the test of time. We believe that spending money on core pieces saves you money in the long run. Rachel Goodman Style understands the fashion and shopping landscape and makes this daunting endeavor efficient and fun. Guys, we know this is especially helpful. We also know you probably aren’t really interested in being labeled Metrosexual or having a preoccupation with your look rivaling the guys on Jersey Shore. We are here to show you how to achieve the vibe you want, all the while appearing effortless.

Rachel Goodman Style’s independent image consultant and fashion stylist doesn’t try to sell you anything; your best interest is our best interest. Are you ready to take it to the next level? Rachel Goodman Style will show you all the fashion tips and tricks to get you there. You’ll wonder how you ever got dressed without us.